The Portal Home

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As the sphere of swirling life cycles about

Swallowing time pushing information bout

Flooding scenery, chaos into psychology

Wont feel them all, they taunt you from periphery

But this day I survived

This day the way it mapped out

I pried, I contrived, I fed my mouth

Its cold out here, but not deprived

I brought bold outlines, implementing deadlines

Regardless the truth of expanding timelines

Projecting renew on what we knew

Using forces reformulate rule

Thoughts into projects, plug the hive

It may be my ruin, but at least I tried

And this day I survived

I find these steps, where the path intersects

Familiar sets of memory bring out a transcript

It reads you find shelter here, friends are near

The grind, the failure there, pretending healer

Just a couple more steps to the lock on the gate

You can hear voices inside relieving your weight

Its warm in there, the coast is clear, advance past doorways

Theres a portal where it drops you fears, bridge to hallways

Cast in yellow, breathing returns mellow, the air has been lived in

It silences the bellow, closes the window, brings you within